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We don´t intend to show all available materials. It´s a selection in terms of "What can we really recommend?" to colleagues and learners. On the list/in the bookshop are only titles and editions which are already on the market as a complete set including all tapes, manuals etc.
If you like to add helpful materials you have been working with successfully please mail that information to deutschkurse@interkonstanz.net.
All recommended issues you can order right here in our Bookshop.


Sorry, definitely wrong place to find the 3986th unsatisfying description of the German declension system.

Welcome, this is the right place to follow tips and links for popular materials about brands, stars and above all music with German lyrics. Shortly, things learners are interested in anyway or can be attracted by immediately.
It´s not only a matter of using the right materials but also using the materials right: e.g. the song "Hier kommt Alex" from "Die Toten Hosen" (German punk band) are suitable to illustrate the subject young people and violence but please don´t torture the class/yourself by abusing the lyrics for an adjective endings exam.<grin>

There are also helpful tips for Business German, of course.


Business German

Wirtschaftsdeutsch für Anfänger (Business German for beginners)
With little or no knowledge at all one can start with Business German right away. Along with the English self study guide this excellent programme is also suitable to work on your own. One can proceed with that programme (3 levels in total) to the certificate Deutsch für den Beruf (ZDfB).

Unternehmen Deutsch (German Enterprice)
is concentrating on spoken communication at work and starts on a level of about 200 lessons (general) German.

Marktchance Wirtschaftsdeutsch (Market opportunities Business German)
This is an advanced level programme. The second volume leads to the certificate Prüfung Wirtschaftsdeutsch International (PWD).

Kontakt Deutsch (German contact)
is a videotape language course. Suitable as self study programme only for advanced learners.

Telefonieren am Arbeitsplatz (Phone conversations at work)
audiotape programme for learners with a solid base in German language.

Looking for materials in the internet the site www.wirtschaftsdeutsch.de is absolutely the best place to start for teachers and advanced learners. The colleagues from Düsseldorf university have linked "every" web site in German might be useful for learning German.


Eurolingua Deutsch: the basic level course book leads in 3 volumes to the certificate Deutsch. There are a lot of precious tips in the learner´s manual (also in English available) about learning languages/learning German as a foreign language not only learners take benefit from.

Erzähl mir mehr (Tell me more!) is a multimedia learning system with control of pronounciation for everybody who likes to learn at the computer. 3 levels available. Won the award "Best learning software" on worlddidac 1998.

Visuell (Visually) is a package of 16 overheads to illustrate typical every day life situations. It comes along with exercices, vocabulary, role playings ... ready to copy for each overhead.

Stereo is a basic level listening comprehension programme for partner or self study work. The examples are impressingly authentic.

Partnerarbeit Deutsch basic level programme to practise listening, speaking and writing skills. 68 picture pages ready to copy.

44 Sprechspiele means learning by playing. Every German teacher should use it.

Grammatik in Feldern (grammar in fields) for advanced learners and progressive teachers. This grammar book starts with ones intensions of speech and than delivers the suitable structures.

We are still thinking about which advanced level course book is the best of the current ones. Any suggestions?


German   Tips: Business German

SmudoSmudo is one member of the 4 Fantas (Die Phantastischen Vier, German hip hop band). On his web site Smudo there are informations about the smash hit of the Fantas MfG - Mit freundlichen Grüßen. The song consists mainly of abbreviations.
BRD, DDR und USA ...

The single MfG is ready to listen and for download as RealPlayer and MP3 version. On the same site there is also the list of abbreviations. (Copy and paste and you´ll have it)

"Eh, I don´t understand the abbreviations." No problem, there is an explanation of the abbreviations and also some illustrations (from the video clip). The pics are completely packed in a zip file for download. Thank you, Smudo!

Suggestions how to use it for exercices:
- Listen to "MfG" (several times) and write down the abbreviations
- fill in the missing abbreviations (teacher has to provide the list with spaces)
- look up the abbreviations (in Wahrig/Duden/other dictionnary)
- give interpretations of the abbreviations. As a game for groups: choose a couple of unknown abbreviations, let write down interpretations, let read them out. The members of the group are choosing their favourite interpretations and giving points. Who gets the most points ...
- give interpretations of the pics. Why did the Fantas choose that pics? What pics would you choose?

Tips Business German

The Deutsche Welle offers from monday to friday an email newsletter called Markt. It contains short articles concerning business and the stock prices of the Dax index (top 30 of German companies).
You can subsribe to that newsletter easily: Mail to majordomo@dwelle.de. Ignore the subject. As text body write simply subscribe markt followed by your email address.

Suggestions how to work with Markt:
- the short articles are suitable to approach a topic. Because of its shortness the articles are less frustrating than the business paper ones such as Handelsblatt, Wirtschaftswoche etc. The topics change from day to day and expand step by step the business relevant range.

- verbalizing the ups and downs of the Dax 30.
Typical phenomenon: one does understand the list of figures immediately. But how to say it in German?

Well, to indicate the rough directions you need steigen and sinken

grafik: steigen und sinken
Attention: the terms steigen and sinken are not showing good or bad in itself. What is rising/sinking? The rent or your salary?
It´s the same with the stock exchange: wanna buy or sell?

To name the precise figures as well you need the prepositions von, auf, um:
Von for the initial value, auf for the new and um for the difference.
Attention: in every day life auf indicates at the top/to the top, in our business context it means technically to the new value which could be higher or lower as well as the initial value.
grafik: von - auf - um
You can neglect the preposition von while working with the Dax list. It shows only the new prices (and the difference to the day before in brackets).

Suggestions how to use the Dax list:
Choose your 5 favourite companies from the Dax 30. Report every day about the performance of your shares until you can do it fluently.

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