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KlapperstorchAn Austrian, a German and a Swiss kid are talking about where little babies might come from. The German starts with: "The babies are brought by the stork." The Austrian answers: "Rubbish, they are made by Mom and Dad." There is no reply from the Swiss at all. Only after insisting of the others it utters: "Well, that´s different from canton to canton."

This answer is always true (not only) in Switzerland it may concern laws, taxes or whatever.

You might like the joke or not the issue is from abroad there are a lot of stereotypes about Austrians, Germans and Swiss. But actually they are so different they even can´t understand each other´s idioms and mentalities.
The intention of this section here is to collect examples for intracultural phenomenons inside D-A-CH.
Feel free to contribute to that project by mailing to deutschkurse@interkonstanz.net.

@ You know this sign and you are sure everybody is calling it "at", e.g. deutschkurse at interkonstanz.net. But there are diffferent names for it all over the world. In Israel they call it "Strudel". That sounds delicious and typical Austrian but the Austrians just say "Kreiseles-A" (circle´s A). The Swiss call it "Affenschwanz" (monkey´s tail) and the Germans take the whole ape instead and name it "Klammeraffe" (spider monkey).


Only English links listed here.
If you like to add helpful English linx about D-A-CH please mail the URL(s) with a short comment to deutschkurse@interkonstanz.net.
Please mail also in case of linx do no longer exist or have been moved.

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Informations about the Swiss market and locations in regard to opening up a business, branche or subsidiary in Switzerland from BWA part of the Federal department for Economic Affairs.
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